Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week is: TINKER AND PO

I am in LOVE with the Fingerless Gloves that Tinker and Po creates. Lisa creates her fingerless gloves from felted and repurposed merino wool, angora, cashmere or lamb’s wool sweaters. The sweaters that she uses are recyclable. Since July 2008 Lisa has opened her world of gloves to Etsy and talks about her gloves on Twitter.

On her main page you will see the following shop announcements:
"When you shop at TinkerAndPo:~~10% of all sales are donated to autism research in our son, Declan's, name ~~You're supporting the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle philosophy ~~You're
supporting small business - not just TinkerAndPo, but our suppliers, too! ~~You're supporting the Buy Handmade movement "

I highly recomend this shop to all buyers! Here are a few people in my life I would buy a fingerles glove for:
1- My grandmother
2- My great Aunt
3-any one I knew who had arthritis to help keep their wrists and fingers warm during those hard days
4- MY SELF-to help keep my fingers warm when I crochet or type
5- A great present for a Teacher-yes our fingers get cold when we are correcting papers, creating things for the classroom or even when we are researching at the computer
6-The kids bus driver!!--how cool would it be to see a happy bus driver in the morning because you helped them keep their fingers warm!!

But no matter who you purchase your gloves for remember you are helping a family out who helps others!!
Best wishes to
Tinker and Po and her family.

P.S.-check out her nails in the pictures she always has them done so nicely to match her gloves!!

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Jess, of the bugs said...

Don't forget your mail carrier!