Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4-10: Shop of the week- Bellflower Textile

Everyday that I walk into the schools remind myself to watch where I am going to place my feet. Why you ask? because when your in an elementary school there is bound to be crayons, pencils, markers, and colored pencils on the floor. I have seen so many children step on them and have to catch themselves from falling. Above is a dream come true to help keep the pencils off the floor. It is a very fun pencil holder for children to use and can be re used for each school year. In Bellflower Textiles you will find so many bright and fun colors to meet everyone's wants/needs.
My second favorite thing in her shop is the tooth fairy pillows. I remember growing up and loosing my teeth left and right. My mom had made me a small tooth fairy pillow which I think she still has. In Megan's shop she has brought back the FUN in loosing your teeth. I really like the rubber duckies. This is such a great gift for any child for their birthday, holiday or as a you did great in school reward. Or hey I got it---what about congrats you lost your first tooth!!
Whatever the occasion is Bellflower Textiles has amazing ideas for presents or just for yourself.
Bellflower Textiles ships internationally.
Read her blog at Growing Notes and follow her on Twitter @megzseattle.
Special for the Week: Free Shipping!! Mention “Twitter” in your Notes to Seller and she will send an updated invoice with free shipping or refund your shipping price if you’ve already paid. 

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