Sunday, September 20, 2009

My dear friend Sandi Meyers of is one of the sweetest ladies you will meet through twitter and etsy. This past week she was shop of the week for the Etsy twitter team. I asked her to answer some random questions about herself and her shop. Here are her answers..please enjoy!

- who or what inspires you to do your arts and crafts? to use the colors you use? -

I like to wear shawls and hats and scarves - and pick colors that I know will look good on me - and hope that the same colors will appeal to others. The members of the Etsy Twitter team are an inspiration to me with your talent and pattern ideas!

-besides the farm stand in the summer and your etsy store what else occupies your time? - haha - sorry didn't mean to laugh - but my website Sandi's T's( occupies a large part of my time - because I'm always trying to make it look better, work better, add new products, etc....

(i love your sense of humor Sandi--you keep me smiling all day long! ;)

what's your favorite food? -

since I don't do a lot of cooking other than basics - my DH likes meat and potatoes and in summer sweet corn, I really don't have one favorite food - however, if I had to choose a nationality of food, I would say Mexican - let me go to a Mexican restaurant and I'm in heaven. But none of the really spicy type please!

what's your favorite book? -

Again, there is not one favorite book - but I have several favorite authors - one is Jean Auel - waiting for her next book to come out, Diana Gabaldon - with her series Outlander - waiting for the latest book in the series, of course Steven King...

1-3 things that you would like the world to know about you on my blog that isn't listed above.

I was a navy wife and traveled a lot, but I really rather stay at home. I've been here in Virginia since 1976 - came here from Portugal (stationed there) - so it seems kind of strange that I've been here that long. But when I think about relocating (my DH and I are retired and in our 60's) it seems daunting. Of course a change of scenery might not be all that bad! I'd just need to make sure to find a house with a work room large enough to hold all my fabric and yarn!

on a side note-- Sandi has two shops which carry an amazing collection of both her work and supplies. She is a very approachable seller on etsy/twitter and has a heart of gold. If you don't see what you like in her shop please don't hesitate to ask her.

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Thank you so much for your delightful post. I'm glad you like my sense of humor!!