Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New shop of the week: EMMAKAT

This week's shop of the week is called Emmakat,
Emmakat.etsy.com . In Emma has a variety of cool handmade items in her store. My favorite part of her store is the writing note cards and journals. She shows bold patterns to all and helps to inspire us to write. For example this journal to the left is of a rain cloud. I learned in my student teaching that pictures help to inspire children and adults to write. If I was to use this in my classroom (when and where I get it is still up in the air ;) ) I would have each one of my students take a page and continue a story I started about a rain storm. How cool would that be to inspire children to write about something we all get to see during the rainy months. As I tell my students the best story has tons of Juicy details!

To the right here is another one of her inspiring cards. With spring starting soon up here in CT/NY you see people sitting outside and putting things outside such as bird houses. Slowly the birds are returning here including the cat bird that I truly despise. (they sound like a cat that's being torched) However, I truly love the birds and all the different birdhouses that people have made over the winter. I hope you all enjoy her shop as much as I did.

Emmakat is offering a store wide 10% discount (including sale items) for readers. Just leave a note to seller mentioning “EtsyTwitter Shop of the Week” and wait for a revised invoice from her before paying.

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Emma said...

Thanks for the feature! Nice post & blog! :)