Monday, March 23, 2009

Shop of the week: March 23-29: Renee Suich

With summer just around the corner I dream of taking long walks on the beach with my husband and picking up sea shells and beach glass. This has become a hobby of mine when we go for walks. When I get home I place it into a glass bowl which I have been displaying in my den. There are blues, greens, white and browns in the bowl. The picture above is a beautiful necklace that was made by . It is a beautiful display of beach glass. One other special thing about Renee's shop is that she has one of the kind items. Her sections on beach glass and Skeleton Key Beads (one of the most popular items in her shop!) are my favorites in her shop.
This weeks specials in her shop are:
Special for week of March 23 - 29, FREE SHIPPING to U.S. & Canada – Send her an Etsy conversation about your desired item, and she will delete the shipping charges prior to your purchase.
Please take a moment to go through her shop and help support handmade items.
(All pictures are owne by Renee Suich.)

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Thanks for promoting the Shop of the Week! You rock!