Thursday, April 23, 2009

so late so sorry but great deals!!

As the April 2009 fly's by I realize that I have put off doing so many things yet again. It amazes me how quickly the past few months have gone. Between work, house, twitter, etsy, ebay my state test for my teaching certificate, and my best friend getting married I have been busy busy busy. So I looked decided today is the day to sit and go over a lot of the miss used time this month.
I have already been to Lowe's to get potting soil and two new pots for the plants. On my kitchen table (its really a card table since the apartment is so small) I have several plants going. This year I plan on having sweet red peppers, yellow peppers, big boy tomatoes, plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach, spicy lettuce, lettuce (they are a mixed bag), sunflowers, basil, rosemary, and parsley. Most of them are just starting to pop up --this is the most exciting thing in my house. My husband and I can stand there for 5 minutes just looking to see if "anything new" has grown in the last hour. He then teases me because I'm telling the plants to "grow grow". I know this is funny however, I do remember reading in some magazine that plants love attention. On the other hand this is why I need to have a dog in the house. No pets allowed though in this apartment :(
I also took 10 minutes to put away the clothes that I folded 3 days ago and pick up the pile off the floor that my husband loves to leave. (did i mention that the laundry hamper is just 2 feet away?? no?? well it is--lol).
I also decided in the past few days to stop selling my random house hold stuff (that I don't need) on ebay. I noticed that even there few people are buying. Not me though... I just got the planters you see on tv for tomatoes for a great price. (green bags that hang) Anyway, so that's been put off.
As for etsy..well I launched my new line on April 2nd. its the GO GREEN CUP COZIES line. So far my mom got one, I have one and some of the people I work with have purchased one. They all say the same thing "what a great idea to help the earth and its so simple". Simple is the best thing now a days with all the mayhem. If you haven't stopped by to see them please do. It could be your one pledge this year to help our environment.
The etsy twitter team has been busy with several shops of the week. I apologies that I missed writing a few of them up.. such talent in theses shops!!
April 6: Curiousmess
April 13 : L'élephantRose
April 20 : RhodesAnnalsDesigns

Twitter is also going very well--I was featured 2 times by cheaptweets--theres a link on the side of my blog here to show you my sales--if you have the time please vote for them.

Well thats about it for now got to run before this blog is 10 pgs. :)

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