Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Week!!

Wow this past week has been a busy busy busy busy!! Lets start with Wednesday because that's when it got I was supposed to launch my new line on April 1 (Wednesday) however, with the worm that was supposed to go out I decided to postpone it to April 2nd and not go on the computer. Talk about a hard thing to do--If your like me than your addicted to the computer.. it got worse for me when my husband went to Iraq. The Internet became like a link between two worlds. I was able to tell him anything day or night and not feel like I was "forgetting something again". It also helped him connect quickly to what I was doing so that our conversations on the phone could be on other topics. Getting off the topic again..opps!! So on April 2nd (Thursday) I launched my new line--CUP COZY I posted a few on Thursday and then more on Saturday.

Friday I was busy with house work, crocheting, and other stuff.

Saturday I decided to wake up at the crack of dawn (why I never know) and get online. The hubby was out at lacrosse practice so I had most the day to myself. So online I go and I get onto Etsy--hmmm treasury pops into my mind and I get one!! Wahoo... then the rest of the day I clean the house ...take a nap (wasn't feeling well) and watch the yankee game.

Today (sunday) I have all three of my brother-in-laws at my house. It is the first time in a long time that all four brothers are together--its nice to see them laughing and such...

Before I go I wanted to say a huge shout out to many people/blogs that have promoted my treasury and cup cozy's this weekend. If I forgot to mention you please contact me and I will add you:

Treasury Blogs:

--Etsytwitter Team (thanks Vicki for the write up) threepeats Jewelry--love the part about saying "TWEET TWEET TREASURY" 3X FAST--LOL
--MindyGJewelry wrote a spot on her blog about being in the TWEET TWEET TREASURY!!

Twitter Tweet's: -liv'ngood jewlery

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sassypackrat said...

Love the cozies, too cute!