Saturday, January 17, 2009

brrr.... its really cold outside

Well its really really really cold outside today--they are saying that its feels like 15 degrees right now --I beg to differ;) I just sat down to work on my square blanket project--I currently have 4 green squares done and I am working on a blue one--it should be done by later tonight.
I should prob. also mention that I sell things on eBay too--its under the same screen name jenco13. I try to list my new items on Sat afternoons/nights. So I have about 10 listings to do later for that too.
My other hobby is to read on my days off--I am currently reading Marley and Me by john grogan. Its quite good. Unfortunately I haven't seen the movie yet--I'll prob. just wait till it comes to the Red box ( a local rental DVD vending machine--DVDs are $1.00 a day!!). Movie theater's have become too expensive lately $11.00 for a movie per person and then another $20 for the popcorn and soda!!
That's about it for now--come back soon--hopefully I have figured out a way to get the follow this blog button up-lol
stay warm all-Jenco13


JeLowe said...

We use Netflix...but love the Red Box! You can't beat $1/day...

Jenco13 said...

your absolutly right! :)