Monday, January 19, 2009


I am a member of Etsy--which is a website for crafters. You can find so many diffrent gift ideas on this website for anyone you can think of. Shortly after I joined etsy to shop for friends and family I started to post my own handmade items from scarves to blankets.

I then decided this is such a great website and decided to join a group and find a mentor to help me with my shop. The group I joined is called "ETSY TWITTER TEAM". Twitter is another website to blog/chat with other people througout the world.

This week the team has launched a new projected called "SHOP OF THE WEEK". This week "FLYING ZOO TOYS" is our Shop of the week. Here, -you can find all of these fun flying toys. They have tons of fun and bright colors to watch as they fly on by. My favoirte ones in the shop are :"

Flying Ladybug Wooden Mobile Toy" :

"Flying Butterfly Wooden Mobile Toy":

The items are shipped from Florida and are all handcrafted with wood. Please check out this store to see how creative this flying toys are!!

Also please check back every Monday to see our new Store of the week.--Have a great day!! Jenco13-

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